New doll available! WM 166cm C cup!

Introducing WM's stunning new doll! She's 166cm tall, has C cup breasts and has a beautiful fit slender



The perfect stripper, with head #159

The girl next door, with head #162


WM 85cm L cup torso with head #233

WM has released new pictures of this great doll torso. Here she is with head #233

WM’s 85cm L cup torso is on fire!

Videos not enough? Here are some pictures of this gorgeous doll with head #233. It looks very nice!

New pictures of the WM 85cm L cup torso!

Here are some pictures of this gorgeous doll with head #33.

And here are some with head #38.

A few more, with head #85.

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New WM pics upload for their 153cm A cup

Here you go folks, more pics of this lovely doll. This time with head #85 (one of my favs).

WM 156cm D cup doll with head #85

WM Dolls just released a new picture set for their recent 156cm D cup doll. This time they're giving us a treat with their head #85. Please take a look bellow for the picture gallery.

WM 156cm D cup doll with head #20

WM Dolls just released another set of pictures. Say hi to this shy beauty everyone! She's sporting the 156cm D cup body that's been picking up steam after the rash of super large breasted ladies we've been blessed with in the first half of 2016. Take a look at the gallery!

Finally put up the WM 153cm A cup doll! Also, introducing head #98!

WM released a new head and it came with a few galleries of the 153cm A cup doll. We decided we needed to add this doll to our repertoire since we felt we were a little light in the small breasts department. We took a look at the pictures however and were instantly convinced to offer you this one. A little shorter at 5 feet and a lot lighter than average, the 153cm A cup will be a perfect fit for people that prefer an easier to handle doll. Please enjoy the galleries.

153cm A cup with head #85

153cm Z cup with head #98

153cm A cup with head #62

OR Doll 156 G cup pics featuring a new head!

I've got a treat for you. OR Doll just released some pictures of their new head: #26. And they sent us those pictures on the amazingly popular 156 G cup body! This new head has Western features and seems to completely change looks depending on which wig and makeup combo you pick. I mean yes, that's the point of makeup and all but this one seems more versatile somehow? Anyway, please enjoy the gallery and as always, we offer this doll at a great price. Just hit the button below.

OR Doll working on new body

OR Doll is working on a new body and possibly 2 new faces. They unveiled the initial design yesterday on TDF and it looks like they are going to go with a taller doll with a slimmer build. Here's what OR Doll had to say: "We have so many big breasts dolls , so I try to make a small breasts and thin doll, I hope some guys will like her!" -Zihan from OR Doll.

Her measurements are:

  • Hight: 166cm
  • Shoulder: 32cm
  • Breasts:75cm
  • Waist: 53cm
  • Hip: 80cm
  • Weight: unknown for now

With the great success of their large breast models, it's great to hear that OR Doll is releasing a more svelte model. No time frame for release yet but we can hope it will be soon! Here are a few pictures of the initial sculpt.

WM 156cm D cup New pics!

WM released a new set of pics for their new 156cm D cup doll! This is one of the rare galleries that could be considered SFW...sort of. Check the pics out!