New Prices For OR Dolls! 200$ to 300$ Off!

You read that right! 200$ to 300$ off! We were able to get new prices from OR Doll! Our prices were already the best in the business but now no one anywhere can even begin to give you such great prices! All our OR Doll models have new prices, new wigs, and more options!

At the same time, we took this opportunity to redo the store. It's now easier than ever to choose your perfect doll, whichever brand you prefer. We listened to your feedback and gave you the best dolls, at the best prices, with the easiest buying experience!

Don't get fooled by sites that charge you almost a thousand dollars more for the exact same doll. Buy from us and save big without compromising on quality. Our dolls are strait from the manufacturer, to ensure quick delivery and top quality.

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