OR Doll working on new body

OR Doll is working on a new body and possibly 2 new faces. They unveiled the initial design yesterday on TDF and it looks like they are going to go with a taller doll with a slimmer build. Here's what OR Doll had to say: "We have so many big breasts dolls , so I try to make a small breasts and thin doll, I hope some guys will like her!" -Zihan from OR Doll.

Her measurements are:

  • Hight: 166cm
  • Shoulder: 32cm
  • Breasts:75cm
  • Waist: 53cm
  • Hip: 80cm
  • Weight: unknown for now

With the great success of their large breast models, it's great to hear that OR Doll is releasing a more svelte model. No time frame for release yet but we can hope it will be soon! Here are a few pictures of the initial sculpt.

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